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20th Century Trilogy

A Musical Memorial in Three Parts

September 30, 2023, 4pm

This recital was originally scheduled for March 2020, but we know what happened next. After three more delays and an evolution of the musical offerings, I am happy to invite you to a musical celebration in three parts, with each part dedicated to the people who have fundamentally influenced my life’s musical journey before they passed from this world. It is also the first time in my career where I have performed music entirely of my own choosing with no producers, bosses, or backers other than myself. I am very excited to share it with you! 


My collaborator on this project is guitarist Sharon Wayne, who many of you already know and will remember from her collaborations with my wife Nicole Takesono in several of her own recitals. 

Sharon Wayne Headshot 2022.jpg

"Viva Di Stefano!"

1. Sicialiana (from Pietro Mascagni's "Cavaleria Rusticana"

2. Luna Nova

3. Vieni Sul Mar

4. Mattinata

5. Comme Facette Mammeta?

A set of Neapolitan and Sicilian songs that I first fell in love with when I heard them performed by Giuseppe Di Stefano, my favorite tenor.

These songs are dedicated to the memory of my mentor and champion, Irene Dalis (1925 – 2014)


"Chansons Pour Deux Vagabonds"

1. April In Paris

2. La Chapelle Au Claire De Lune/In The Chapel In the Moonlight

3. Que Reste-t'il De Nos Amours/I Wish You Love

4. La Mer/Beyond the Sea

5. I Love Paris

A musical tribute to mid-century Paris, first conceived of by myself and my late friend, pianist, and playwright Stuart Thomas (1969-2019)



1. Girl From Ipanema

2. Insensatez

3. One-Note Samba

4. Corcovado

5. Agua De Beber

A presentation of the landmark 1967 album as a song cycle. 

These songs are dedicated to the memory of my father

Mike Flowers (1947-2011),

who instilled in me a passion for a variety of music, from Sinatra to Shostakovich to Stevie Wonder.

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